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Ops Oct 2016 minutes.pdf
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ASG update - Oct 16.pdf
Avionics Equipage Review - Oct 16.pdf
IATA Data Link Implementation - Oct 16.pdf
IATA Surveillance Mandate - Oct 16.pdf
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The October 2016 Operations group meeting presentations and minutes are available to download from this page.

This highly focused and proactive group’s key focus is to improve the operational and cost efficiency of flight and ground operations.  Providing interactive, thought-provoking and constructive meetings, on average meeting three times each year. ERA member personnel directly involved in flight operations or flight operations support are invited to take part, contribute and help define the future operational policies of our industry.

Who should attend?  Representatives from member companies involved in flight operations or flight operations support
What does it cost to attend?  Meetings are free to attend for any representative from an ERA member company
Who do I contact if I have any questions about the group?
What did the group achieve in 2016?  The Operations Group held a successful Spring meeting at the Headquarters of the European Aviation Safety Agency on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 April in Cologne, Germany. A number of ERA member airlines attended as well as a selection of experts from our suppliers, all of whom participated in a highly informative and interesting two day event which generated interesting, relevant operational focussed discussion. The second meeting of 2016 was held during the ERA General Assembly on 11 and12 October 2016 at the Madrid Marriott, Spain. This was a very well attended meeting with a good agenda covering topics such as the Provision of GPS altitude - instead of BARO VNAV - when flying LNAV/VNAV procedures, Drug and Alcohol Screening for aircrew in light of the Germanwings Taskforce Recommendations, Aviation Security Support and a review of Surveillance Performance and Interoperability – Implementing Rule Revision Progress. Preparations have begun for the next Operations Group meeting to be held at EASA’s new headquarters in Cologne on 13 and 14 March 2017, to which you would be warmly welcome to attend.
When is the next meeting?  Details of the next meeting are listed at the top of this page
How do I register for the next meeting?  Please click on ERA Group Events (in blue) at the top of the page to transfer to the registration page
What happened at the last meeting?  Download the minutes and presentations from the last meeting from the drop down menu
What are the objectives of the group?  Download the terms of reference from the drop down menu
Who is the chair and vice chair/s for the group? See the photos and names at the bottom of the page

If you are a representative from a member company and require a password to retrieve papers or downloads, please contact

Juan Manuel Diaz Mayoral
Air Nostrum
Adrian Young

Manager Policy and Technical Contact

Russell Dudley, Manager Policy and Technical