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Our Sector

ERA’s airline members provide vital connectivity and support for Europe’s regions, promoting social and territorial equality and cohesion as well as contributing to increased tourism, investment and job creation. This sector is an essential and crucial element of European air transport contributing hughly to economic and growth within Europe. Learn more below.


ERA's members make a contribution of €59bn to Europe's GDP by the regional industry.

Flights and Routes

ERA's airline members operate 1,780 routes and 1.15 million flights per year.

Industry Jobs

770,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs are generated by the industry, of which 290,000 are directly generated.

Aircraft Type

ERA's fleet is made up of 57% jet aircraft and 43% prop aircraft types.

Passenger vs Cargo

ERA's members fleet comprises of 730 passenger aircraft and 105 cargo aircraft.

Seat Capacity

The fleet of ERA's members have an average seating capacity of 80 seats.