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Latest update 10 May 2019


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ERA fully supports the concept of the European air traffic control infrastructure modernisation programme, and works closely with the SESAR Deployment Manager representing Airspace Users on the SDM Consultation Platform and Thematic Sub-Groups however will continue to work with the European Commission, SESAR Joint Undertaking and Eurocontrol both independently, and through the auspices of bodies such as the ICB, AAB and other Airspace User Associations to ensure members interests are represented, and that they remain part of the process.


Latest update 10/05/19: The European Commission has reappointed Eurocontrol as Network Manager for Single European Sky air traffic network functions from 2020 until 2029. ERA looks forward to continued co-operation with the Network Manager.

16/04/19: The Single European Sky Wise Persons Group presented their report to EC Commissioner Violeta Bulc on 15 April. The group was established by the European Commission to produce recommendations on the direction European ATM should take in the years ahead and to meet the many challenges. 

The short report contains ten recommendations and can be accessed here.

Eamonn Brennan, Director General, Eurocontrol, stated that “For Eurocontrol, the vision is positive with a significantly enlarged role envisaged for the NM (Network Manager). This marks a change from previous perceptions and reports. The EC will likely develop proposals based on this report for a SES3, which will be considered by the new Commission. It is a very good starting point for us in Eurocontrol and we will have to look at how we are organised and resourced also. This occupied a lot of my time over the past months, as we had many hearings, etc. The report also contains ambitious timelines. The EC together with the Finnish Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers will hold a conference in Brussels on 12 September 2019 to start the ball rolling and get feedback." Brennan continued: “I wish to thank personally all the technical services who supported our work here, the PC President, Raúl, who was an active member and also Volker of ATCEUC and all other group members who contributed to the report. It is a good starting point for Europe going forward.”

14/02/2019: ERA, along with AIRE, A4E, EBAA and IATA, have written to Henrik Hololei, Director-General for Mobility and Transport at the European Commission, emphasising the critical need for the setting of ambitious and sustainable performance targets for the third Reference Period (RP3) of the SES Performance and Charging scheme. The letter highlights how the poor capacity performance of some key European ANSPs during RP2 has meant that the broader network is no longer functioning sustainably and is now impacting passengers. Please see the downloads section at the top of this page for a copy of this letter.

26/04/2017: The European ATM Master Plan Edition 2015 (Master Plan 2015) was published, as agreed through the SJU Administrative Board on 15 December 2015.
The Masterplan is available to view through the new European ATM Portal (see useful links below).