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Agency Advisory Body (AAB)


AAB16 Conclusions and Recomendations

Latest update 06 August 2019


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The AAB is an advisory body for the Eurocontrol Director General (DG), operating at a cross-Directorate level. It shall provide a broad range of balanced advice together with the widest possible stakeholder support and commitment in matters relating to the European ATM strategic objectives of the Provisional Council and the operation of the European ATM network as set out in the Agency Business Plan (ABP). 
The AAB, as a joint civil–military body, shall therefore advise the Eurocontrol DG on the strategic, policy, operational and technical matters affecting aviation as a whole, whilst ensuring complementarities with other existing European bodies and avoiding gaps and duplication to the maximum extent possible.
In so doing, the AAB shall act in close cooperation with other agency bodies dealing with stakeholder, civil/military and member state matters as necessary.
The AAB shall seek to ensure the commitment of all stakeholders, where appropriate, to the implementation of the agreed outcomes, and the coherence of these with the strategies and plans of their respective organisations.
Advice, opinion and support from the AAB shall normally be provided in the form of documented conclusions and recommendations.
The AAB shall be established and operate within clearly defined and documented rules of procedures as agreed by its membership.