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CNS Infrastructure Team

Latest update 14 May 2019


The CNS Infrastructure Team (CNS-T) is a technical, operational, specialist advisory body, established within the framework of EUROCONTROL, providing a direct channel of consultation between all stakeholders involved in the Communication, Surveillance and Navigation infrastructure areas.  The CNS-T objective is to ensure the planning and implementation of a safe and cost-efficient European CNS infrastructure. It facilitates Pan-European buy-in and follow-up from concept to delivery, from research to very short term/tactical or deployment issues and provides civil-military coordination.

The team which reports to and is governed by the Agency Advisory Body (AAB), operates on a rolling one year work programme, approved by the AAB.


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Latest update 14/05/2019: An expert group has been established to assist with the development of actions to support the implementation of an agreed communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) and associated spectrum evolution, with the aim of maximising safety, cost effectiveness, benefits and interoperability, and which is effective for all users and fully fit for the intended purpose. ERA has been elected to chair this important group.

The evolution of the CNS infrastructure to support the necessary operational improvements is being defined within the ATM Master Plan and associated SESAR work programmes. The EASA ATM/ANS TeB and TEC have agreed with Eurocontrol to establish an expert group, which will in essence become a joint EASA/Eurocontrol Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Consultation Group.

This expert group is to provide a collaborative mechanism for EASA, member states and the European aviation community to work together on a CNS evolution, addressing both ground, airborne and space systems, based on that proposed in the European ATM Master Plan. The goal is to define the best way forward and the actions to support implementation. This implementation should be such that it is effective for all users and fully fit for the intended purpose with the aim to maximise;

  • safety;
  • cost effectiveness;
  • benefits;
  • interoperability; and
  • spectrum use.

In doing so the expert group should examine the CNS requirements of the various sectors of aviation (e.g, commercial, general aviation, state/military, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), high altitude platform station (HAPS), space planes) and determining the synergies and interactions.

The expert group will also allow EASA to receive implementation feedback and to quickly identify regulatory 'hot spots' (e.g. under  or over regulation). Furthermore, recognising that operational improvements are to be implemented in other non-EU states and regions, the expert group is to provide a collaborative mechanism to identify the actions to support these implementations.

The establishment of this group should also enable EASA, member states and the European aviation community to work together to enable proper implementation and to support the European Commission and polic makers with deployment of SES in a safe, efficient and consistent manner. It will provide the necessary clarity on what needs to be and can be achieved and by when, as well as the expected benefits.

ERA has been nominated to chair this important group and looks forward to working with members of the CNS team to ensure that we create a safe, efficient, fit for purpose Communication, Navigation and Surveillance infrastructure, which reflects the aims of the ATM Master Plan.