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A number of members have raised questions as to the impact on their operations of Brexit; now that the withdrawal agreement has been ratified in London and Brussels.  The relationship between the UK and the EU with regard to aviation will be negotiated during the transition period ending on 31 December 2020. There are, of course, a range of possibilities as to the outcome of those negotiations ranging from “business as usual” to a no-deal scenario.  There can be no certainty as to the final outcome at this time but given the very considerable interest on both sides of the negotiating table for a high degree of continuity in the interests of consumers and of business, most forecasters suggest that there will be an agreement which, though it may require more in the way of bureaucracy, will facilitate continued operations.  

The association is intending to carry its normal activities of service to members as usual from its UK and Belgium offices and does not foresee any changes in its operations. The association’s activities are designed in the most effective and efficient way for the provision of services to members. 

ERA is monitoring the discussions on behalf of its members and will report on significant developments. In the meantime, guidance can be obtained from the websites listed to the left.