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ADS-B meeting ahead of 2020 mandate

Implementing Regulation (EU) 1207/2011 and amendments detail the requirements for operators to be ADS-B ‘Out’ compliant by 7 June 2020, however a number of ERA members, as well as other airlines operating aircraft where retrofit has been shown to be disproportionately costly and/or technically difficult to adopt due to legacy FMS and conspicuity equipage, have made it clear to the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM), as ADS-B implementation manager, that they will find it difficult to comply by the mandate.

The SDM engaged with airspace users last year following the Surveillance Performance Interoperability Workshop held by the European Commission on 4 July, and through a survey distributed to operators as part of a wider consultation, established that there is an expected high level of compliance, however inevitably, there will be some unable to equip in time. The consultation revealed other obstacles in addition to those identified through EASA’s SPI IR Rulemaking Taskforce, to which ERA contributed as a member, such as capacity constraints for MROs as well as supply-line restrictions directly attributable to the coincidental United States FAA ADS-B mandate. 

Clearly, there is need for an exemption or transitional framework, previously, and exceptionally, not foreseen by the Implementing Regulation and subsequent amendments and the SDM has requested that ERA invites member airlines to attend a special meeting to be held at the SESAR Deployment Manager offices in Brussels on 16 May 2019. The objective of the meeting is to discuss cases where equipage is highly unlikely by 7 June 2020 and to try to establish a way forward. Civil Airspace User Liaison, Francis Richards attended the ERA Operations Group meeting in April and commented that there are some real differences ERA operators are facing, especially with the technical and financial challenges.

The opportunity for potential exemptions needs to be explored and we request that you contact to confirm attendance at the meeting on 16 May in Brussels.