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Agency Advisory Body Meeting 24

The 24th and final meeting of the Eurocontrol Agency Advisory Body was held on 17–18 June at the agency headquarters in Brussels. ERA attended as a member of the AAB and airspace user representative and also as a member of a number of the AAB teams such as the Joint Communication Navigation Surveillance Stakeholder Platform and Airport Operations Team.

The Agency Advisory Body (AAB) is an advisory body to the Eurocontrol Director General. It provides a broad range of balanced advice together with the widest possible stakeholder support and commitment in matters relating to the European ATM strategic objectives of the Provisional Council and the operation of the European ATM network as set out in the agency business plan. Operating jointly with the Civil–Military Interface Standing Committee (CMIC), the AAB provides a forum within which civil/military co-ordination can be performed. The AAB therefore advises the Eurocontrol Director General on  operational and technical matters affecting the European civil and military air transport as a whole while ensuring complementarities with other existing European bodies and avoiding duplication to the maximum extent possible. In support of the AAB and managed by it, there is also a technical expert consultation layer, established around teams. This meeting was held following the Provisional Council on this occasion, however the output from the meeting, decisions and recommendations will contribute to future Eurocontrol governance and feed into the next PC later this year. Updates were provided by the various agency experts and team champions covering the full spectrum of Aagency activities as well as a detailed overview of the work of the Network Manager with the summer 2019 mitigations concerning Karlsruhe and Marseille. The newly-created Joint EASA–Eurocontrol CNS Stakeholder Platform, chaired by ERA Policy and Technical Manager Russell Dudley was introduced to AAB members and state representatives broadly welcomed the combining of the two agencies activities in the field of CNS, although clarity is sought concerning details of the terms of reference of the group based on the unprecedented involvement of the two institutional entities. Significantly, the AAB and military equivalent, the CMIC, have voted to join in a single meeting resulting in another newly-formed body which is yet to be named. With its high-level civil and military officials of the member states, the CMIC provides advice to the Provisional Council on civil–military interface issues and ensures that the requirements of civil and military users of ATM/CNS are met in a balanced way with due regard to national security and defence interests as defined at political level. Furthermore, the CMIC has the right to initiate any issues it wishes to deal with and to address such issues to the Council.  It also has the right to establish sub-groups to examine any issues in the civil–military interface in a similar way to the AAB, hence efficiencies are to be found through combining the two groups and as such , a farewell to the outgoing AAB leadership team was given by the Director,  Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation (DECMA), Phillipe Merlo.

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