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Aviation Day under the Romanian Presidency

On the occasion of Romania’s European Council Presidency, regulators and industry experts met to discuss key topics for the air transport industry in the region. The event, co-organised by IATA and the Romanian CAA, took place on 12 April in Bucharest, hosting more than 200 guests from across the entire aviation sector.

At the start of the day, delegates were greeted by the Minister of Transport of Romania and Henrik Hololei, Director General for Mobility and Transport at the European Commission amongst others.

The first panel, moderated by the Finnish CAA, looked at airspace infrastructure in the region as a leverage for increased connectivity. It is well known by now that a capacity bottleneck is looming both in the air and on the ground and action must be taken to unblock the skies and ensure that the right airport infrastructure is created to meet future demand. If not, Europe will miss out on significant economic and social development. As was emphasised, especially by panellists from Poland (both by the CEO and the owner of LOT Polish Airlines), Central and Eastern Europe has the capacity and ambition to develop further and provide the necessary resources that the Western part of Europe has started to lack.

Panellists from the second session raised awareness of the importance of cyber security and informed attendees about its impact and trends in aviation. They concluded that collaboration between stakeholders and governments is key for supporting everyone’s joint interest in protecting aviation from cyber attacks. The last panel before a networking lunch gave an insight into the possible innovations and digitalisation for the air transport industry with a special focus on the airports of the future. The topic is of special importance as according to forecasts global passenger traffic is expected to double by 2037. Accommodating this growth will require implementing new standards and technologies, harmonised regulation and adequate infrastructure.

The afternoon started with a panel discussing the topic of consumer protection that is currently very relevant for ERA members. Under the moderation of IATA, the European Commission informed about the ongoing work on European Passenger Rights Regulation (EU261), Lufthansa Group gave an oversight on their practices aiming to avoid delays to the maximum possible extent, and some key ECJ rulings were also presented.

The last panel of ICAO, DG CLIMA, Airbus, Embraer and Lufthansa looked at the environmental impact of aviation and initiatives to address this.