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Policy seminar on delivering for the consumer

With the UK Department for Transport consulting – through its Aviation Strategy – on measures to improve passenger satisfaction and make the process of air travel a more positive experience for consumers, Airlines UK organised a policy seminar that discussed how industry and Government can come together to build upon the work already being done and enable everyone to take advantage of the opportunities air travel affords into the future.

At the seminar held on 16 May in London, the keynote address was delivered by the Chief Executive of the UK Civil Aviation Authority Richard Moriarty, remarking mainly on the Government’s proposed new Passenger Charter for aviation. The keynote was followed by messages presented by Thomas Reynaert, Managing Director of A4E on how can the airline industry and government deliver for the consumer. Participants of the first panel session (representing views of DFT, CAA, Transport Focus, Gatwick Airport and IATA) discussed the scope, guiding philosophy, ownership and practical implementation of the Passenger Charter, the draft of which is already existing. The speech of Jenny Willott, chairing the CAA Consumer Panel, gave an overview on the current evidence on passenger satisfaction and what consumers are looking for from airlines and airports, including information provision. Further, the role the Government and associated agencies have in better delivering for the consumer was also highlighted. The topic introduced the second panel discussion (attended by British Airways, EasyJet, Heathrow Airport, IATA and the UK CAA representatives) focussing on how aviation can better deliver for passengers with reduced mobility and other needs and sharing experiences about the way passengers are treated when things go wrong.