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Disruptive Passengers

With some ERA airline members operating single cabin crew operations, the effect of an unruly passenger on the safety and security of the aircraft and its occupants is amplified. ERA has published a summary and advice to members on safety and security issues caused by disruptive passenger behaviour. The publication can be acessed from the downloads menu at the top right-hand side of this screen.

ERA welcomed the launch on 3 April 2019 of the EASA ‘Not on my Flight’ campaign.

ERA, along with other industry stakeholders, worked with EASA during 2018 under the format of their Unruly Passenger Workshops, where certain traits of disruptive passenger behaviour were discussed and defined. A comprehensive list of such behaviour deemed disruptive was then shortened to the three most common, and it is this that EASA have based their campaign and accompanying video.

The campaign, titled ‘Not on my Flight’ can be viewed via the EASA website at:

The message EASA is trying to convey is very important from both a safety and security perspective. Whatever the act of disruption a passenger is demonstrating, whether that be threatening the safety of an aircraft by distracting cabin crew from their normal duties, tampering with on-board equipment or simply disobeying instructions, there must be a zero tolerance policy.

ERA are supporting this very important campaign and as such have endorsed it with our logo. Additionally, EASA are keen to work with individual ERA  members (airlines and airports) who may wish to utilise the campaign material/video for their own pre-flight safety promotional purposes, with several members already adding their logos in support.

For further information please contact Policy & Technical via email