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Latest update 4 April 2019


Please see the download section on the top right hand corner of this page to read the overview of this section and scroll down the page to read the latest updates on ERA's activities and position.


Latest update 22/07/2019: An inaugural Transport Cyber Security Conference took place on 23 January 2019, held at the headquarters of the European Maritime Agency in Lisbon. The event brought together representatives from the aviation, maritime and rail industries to explore and discuss common areas the threat from cyber poses.  A report from the meeting can be viewed in the downloads section on this page.

ERA continues to be active within the ESCP (European Strategic Coordination Platform) Executive Committee which is in the process of formalising the adoption of the “Strategy for Cybersecurity in Aviation” associated Implementation Plan.  In addition, the ESCP ExCom continues to focus on the co-ordinated implementation of the future EASA rules, the NIS Directive and Regulation 2015/1998 (amended to align with the ICAO Annex 17), including actions to support the coordination between the authorities in each member state.