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Media coverage

Communications plays an important role in ERA’s strategy and work programme. The success of the communications strategy is reflected in extensive and varied press coverage, of which recent highlights are available below. If you have any questions regarding media coverage of ERA, please contact Becky Taylor on


'Ghost flights: Why our skies are full of empty planes', by Paul Silliers, 12 March 2020

Simple Flying

'Is EU261 Responsible For European Airline Bankruptcies?', by Joanna Bailey, 11 December 2019

Airliner World

‘Europe’s regionals still fighting injustices,’ by Bernie Baldwin, January 2020

'Europa försöker - men Sverige står lamslaget av skam’, by Simon Ericson, 19 November 2019


'Editor’s Comment: EU261 what the hell is going on?', by Glenn Sands, 15 October 2019

Aviation Week

'European Regional Airlines See Tough Times Ahead', by Helen Massy-Beresford, 10 October 2019

GTP Headlines

‘ERA: EU’s Flight Compensation Rule Impacting Smaller Carriers’, 10 October 2019

Travel Mole

'Airlines warn flight delay compensation is threat to air safety,' 9 October 2019