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Safety Targeted Awareness Reports (STARs)


Safety Targeted Awareness Reports (STARs) have been created by the ERA Air Safety Group (ASG) following Safety Information Discussions (SIDs) undertaken at the group's meetings.


STARs provide generic guidelines for the use of pilots and/or operators. Where the STAR has evolved from a more complete briefing paper, or flight safety article, an appropriate reference will be provided within the STAR.  It is recommended that this additional material is used by flight safety managers within their own safety/operational publications in order to provide readers with a better understanding.


STARs have been created by the ERA ASG following Safety Information Discussions (SIDs) and provide generic guidelines for the use of pilots and/or operators – however, the recommendations given within a STAR shall not supersede or override any requirements or recommendations given by appropriate Regulatory Authorities, Aircraft Manufacturer, or Airline. The material contained within a STAR can be cut and pasted into a suitable format for your airline’s operations and changes may be made to allow for particular scenarios or differences; please give credit to the ERA ASG when doing so. STARs should only be used with the intention of improving flight safety through education and ERA takes no responsibility for inappropriate use of this information.


ERA retains the right to amend or withdraw STARs whenever necessary. Each edition will be appended with a version "V" number and validity date.


Any errors, omissions or comments should be notified to ERA as soon as possible; this can be achieved by returning the relevant STAR, appropriately amended in a different colour and including your contact details to