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Letter - ERA to European Commission on CCTV
Letter - Response on CCTV from European Commission

The aviation industry is committed to providing the highest level of security for passengers. Most security measures also aim to protect passengers, crew, and aircraft and of course people on the ground.
Since the terrorist atrocities of 9/11, anti-terrorist security regulatory activity within the air transport industry has significantly increased. The role of the ERA Directorate is to assist regulators as appropriate so that policies, programmes and procedures are determined by aviation anti-terrorist security experts and are relevant to the different sectors of air transport operations.

  • ERA’s Anti-Terrorist Security activities enables members to contribute 'expert' advice in order to both input and monitor anti-terrorist security programmes mandated by European and other Regulatory Bodies.
  • ERA seeks to ensure that any EU anti-terrorist security standards and procedures, established as a legal requirement, are practicable and implemented consistently by all EU states and, wherever possible, adopted by other European non-EU ECAC states. To this end, the ERA Directorate participates in meetings of EU and ECAC Security Committees concerning specific areas, especially those affected by regional airlines and regional airports, in which new anti-terrorist security measures might be introduced.
  • The Directorate also monitors changes to FAA regulations that could impact future European legislation, harmonisation issues and the implications for 'code-share' operations with European operators. The Directorate also contributes to and supports 'joint positions' where appropriate with other airspace user organisations.
  • ERA, as a member of the Global Aviation Security Action Group (GASAG), liaises with aviation associations around the world to monitor and report on measures being proposed and implemented by states. GASAG believes that governments should combine resources in a co-operative manner, with input from the industry, to ensure harmonised implementation of globally recognised standards.


For more information on any issue relating to Security, please contact Nick Mower, General Manager Regulatory Affairs, ERA